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Crafting a robust digital presence through a custom website empowers you to shape your brand narrative, engage with a global audience, and maintain control over design and content.

StagCMS will give you all the tools to create a website with a rock-solid online presence. With 10 years of experience and improvements, our solution will give you, your visitors and your members the best experience.

  • HTML5
  • Mobile Ready
  • Adaptive Streaming Video
  • Memberships
  • Pay-per-download
  • Pay-per-view
  • Cam 2 Many
  • Cam 2 Cam

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The all-in-one solution for your adult websites

StagCMS is a CMS for adult websites build and tested over several years. StagCMS will give you all the tools to create an adult website with a rock-solid online presence. Give your visitors and members the best experience while accessing your content.

Turn key solution

Our comprehensive CMS and service, offers a seamless creation for your desired membership site. From CMS, design, and hosting to the added benefit of CDN, embark on the journey to develop and grow your model or producer membership site with us.


Manage your photosets, videos, DVDs, categories, models, store, and more with our user-friendly CMS. Schedule galleries with ease and take control of member access, stats and other essential features for seamless management.


Videos can be automatically transcoded in to the usual sizes. 8K, 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p. Define cuepoints on each video, so the user can easily access to specific parts of the video. For every video, CMS can create a screencap gallery, with the configured dimensions and a second number of screencaps to be used has video scroll preview.
If desired watermarks can be added automatically, to the video and screencaps.

Livecam Streaming

Enhance your membership site experience with cutting-edge features, including live streaming and live cam shows. Whether it's Cam 2 Cam or Cam to Many, we've got you covered. You can effortlessly schedule live streaming sessions, catering to both your members and individuals who wish to engage with you. What's more, all live streamings can be automatically recorded and stored on the server for future use. Adicional fees apply. Under developement

Adaptive Videos

CMS encode videos at various bitrates, monitor the viewer's connection and switch to the best bitrate in real-time, preventing buffering. Adaptive videos adjust quality based on internet speed. This technology ensures a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience for visitors and members.

Video on Demand (VOD)

Video on Demand (VOD) allows you to sell video with a pay-per-view model (PPV). Users have the flexibility to watch or download content for a set price and within a time period determined by the platform. With VOD an adicional layer of security is implement to protect content from unauthorized access and piracy.

Sell downloadables

Easily monetize your platform by offering individual digital items like videos, photo sets as zips or boundles, custom requests, and more, all on your own site. You can seamlessly handle transactions through conventional payment methods or explore the world of cryptocurrencies for added flexibility.

Custom Requests

Revolutionize content creation with our CMS, where visitors effortlessly request custom videos. Unleash creativity, connect with your audience on a personal level, and deliver bespoke experiences. From tailored messages to unique narratives, our platform empowers seamless collaboration, making your website an interactive hub for personalized video content.


Stay in the loop with exclusive notifications! From scheduled releases to thrilling live streams, StagCMS will keep your members ahead of the curve. Choose your preferred channel - email, SMS, Telegram, or push notifications - and don't let your members never miss a moment of excitement.


We support traditional payment processors such as CCBill, Verotel, CardBilling, SegPay, Epoch, and more. Additionally, we've crafted a dedicated payment gateway to accommodate cryptos, enabling seamless transactions for membership fees, file downloads, custom requests, and various other sales.
We don't process payments.

Password Protected

We've implemented a comprehensive login system that includes Password Sharing Protection through Form-Based Authentication to prevent dictionary and brute force attacks, the capability to Detect and block Proxy / VPN accesses, the convenience of Single Sign-On links between websites of a network.

Abuse Protection

Effectively manage network resources by monitoring and throttling per-user bandwidth usage, preventing website leeching and ensuring fair content access. You can also set drip content where information is released gradually over time, preventing a member to have access to all content at once.

Block Access

Enhance security and privacy by blocking accesses based on IP and/or Country. Use advanced rules for blocked IPs and/or Countries, enabling customized actions such as redirections or restricting access to specific areas/models.

Hide XXX

With our CMS, we can replace images and keywords, ensuring the avoidance of XXX-related content based on visitors' locations, thus maintaining compliance with legal requirements and enhancing the security of accessing exclusive adult content.

Age Verification

Complying with legal requirements, with our CMS your website can have age verification through valid ID documents. Access exclusive adult content securely and in accordance with country laws. Adicional fees apply. Under developement


Our CMS offers multiple options for importing content from external sources such as previous websites, CSV files, and more, providing flexibility and convenience to import your website's data.


Our CMS empowers you to effortlessly generate FHG (Free Hosted Galleries) for your affiliates and distribute them as soon as the gallery becomes available on your website. You can efficiently notify your affiliates with updates on new galleries, provide RSS feeds, and equip them with a comprehensive set of tools, including banners, downloadable zips, a galleries exporter, and more. We've got all the resources you need to streamline your affiliate marketing efforts.


High-Level Streaming (HLS) videos have revolutionized online video delivery, enabling adaptive streaming for optimal viewing experiences. Utilizing a segmented approach, HLS divides videos into smaller chunks, allowing seamless playback on a variety of devices and network conditions. This adaptive streaming protocol dynamically adjusts video quality, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience, making it a popular choice for streaming services, live broadcasts, and on-demand content across diverse platforms.


We have the capability to seamlessly deliver bespoke paysite designs, harnessing the power of Bootstrap themes to ensure a visually appealing and responsive user experience. Our expertise allows us to tailor each design to meet your specific requirements, providing a cutting-edge solution that effortlessly combines functionality and aesthetic appeal for an unparalleled online presence.


Our CMS boasts a clean and intuitive interface, ensuring that users, regardless of their technical expertise, can effortlessly navigate and manage content. Say goodbye to steep learning curves; with our CMS, content creation becomes a breeze.

Options &
More Options

Our constant updates and tweaks allow you to set the main configurations for a paysite. If you need anything else we will implement.

Livecam Streaming

  • 👥 One-to-One Cam - Establish personal connections.
  • 📷 One-to-Many Cam - Connect with a larger audience simultaneously.
  • 🌐 Global Chat - Interact with viewers.
  • 🤫 Private Chat - Have discreet one-on-one conversations.
  • 📎 Send files - Send files.
  • 🔑 User Control - Accept or remove users from live cam sessions.
  • ⏰ Scheduled Sessions - Scheduled Sessions with start and end times.
  • ⏲️ Countdown Timer - Keep your audience informed of time left.
  • ⚡ Auto-End Sessions - Auto Stop streaming for visitors.
  • 🔒 Secure Rooms - Set room passwords or accept viewers trought the livecam streaming app.
  • 📹 Record Streaming - For posterius usage, including sale and/or make it available on the website.
  • 📱 Mobile-Friendly - Accessible on any device, including mobile.

Elevate your members experience with live cam!


  • 500Mbs connection
  • 720 Hd: Up to 100 connections
  • 1080 Hd: Up to 50 connections



  • 1Gbps connection
  • 720 Hd: Up to 200 connections
  • 1080 Hd: Up to 100 connections



  • 2Gbps connection
  • 720 Hd: Up to 400 connections
  • 1080 Hd: Up to 200 connections



Starter 💅

Sites Limit: 1
Server: Shared (DELL R720XD)
CPU: 2x 6 cores 2.00GHz
Disk: 500GB

Price: 150EUR/month

Contact via Email

Hard Worker 🧰

Sites Limit: 4
Server: DELL R720XD
CPU: 2x 6 cores 2.00GHz
Disk: 4Tb (2x 4Tb Raid 1)

Price: 449EUR/month

Contact via Email

Partnership 🤝

Sites Limit: ?
Server: ?
CPU: ?
RAM: ?
Disk: ?

Price: %

Contact via Email

We don't processy payments. You need a payment processor like CCBill, Verotel, Cardbilling, Epoch, etc.
All plans include IMAP/POP3 email accounts, free CDN.


First of all, legal content with proper copyright ownership, and legal company.
You will also need an adult payment processor like CCBill, Verotel, Card Billing, Epoch or others.
StagCMS provides full-stack services.
From hosting, customized website design, affiliate marketing tools, migration, payment processing integration.
We can create any website layout. We usually ask our clients to choose one from ThemeForest.net and then we adapt it.


StagCMS is THE all-in-one digital media CMS
The best solution for digital content webpage.

Membership Site

Custom Design


Cam 2 Cam

Cam 2 Many

Record streamings

Record streamings

Record streamings

Digital content store

Accept payments with cryptocoins

Accept custom requests

Photo & video galleries

HTML5 video player

Adaptive video streaming

Compress and encode the videos

Cuepoints on videos

Schedule releases

Highly customizable model profile

Multiple websites or networks


Sales charts

2257 Record Keeping System

Affiliates Script

Password Sharing Protection

Geo blocking


Monitor and throttle per-user bandwidth

Bookmark area for members


Categories, Tags, DVDs or Series


Multi language

SEO optimization

Highly fast website engine

Customizable for design

Your brand

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Anything custom can be provided. We are always improving the CMS.
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To ensure that our CMS meets your specific requirements, we would like to engage in a discussion with you to explore the features and functionalities of the CMS.


You can contact us by the email [email protected].

What's included?

All packages of StagCMS includes installation, full working CMS, free custom design.

Contract? Change plans anytime?

There's no long term contract.
You can upgrade or downgrade your license at anytime.

Payments methods?

We use PayPal for the payments.
This means that you can pay with Paypal or any supported credit card by Paypal.

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